Kata Mbuga

Off the beaten path

GPS Tracks

We used a GPS to record the trip. Unfortunately, it ran out of space, so it shows us starting in Namche (as opposed to Lukla), but we got the full return leg from EBC.  There are two GPS views here, one from Google Earth and the other from Garmin Connect.  Check them out.

Google Earth Map

You will need Google Earth to fully enjoy the 3D experience, otherwise all you will see below is a basic map.

Cool things to checkout in the Google Earth:

  1. In Google Earth, you can press the Play button (on the top left corner) to replay the trip. Click on settings (the icon with a wrench/spanner) to make the animation slower.
  2. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to pan and tilt to get a better idea of the terrain.  Also use the zoom control on the right.
  3. Position yourself on Kala Pattar on the map (the upper left fork on our track) and look at the peaks surrounding it to get an idea of how magnificent the view is from there.
You can also download the KMZ file for Google Earth

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect has extra information about the pace and elevation profile of the hike.

Cool things to checkout in Garmin Connect:

  1. Click on the "View Details" link to see more information about the hike
  2. Click on the "Player" link (when looking at View Details) and you can replay the hike while seeing the changes in pace and elevation OR simply click here to launch the player directly