Kata Mbuga

Off the beaten path

Everest Base Camp Trek 2010

Before we even get into the trek, you may be wondering what Kata Mbuga really means.  Kata Mbuga is slang in Kiswahili that literally translates to cutting through the forest.  Loosely translated it means to trailblaze or to go off the beaten path.  Our sherpa Pala liked to take shortcuts on the steep trails either to pass other slower hikers, get to the destination earlier than scheduled, or just for the heck of it. So ours was often a trek off the beaten path.

Anyway, in May 2010, we did the Everest Base Camp trek as well as climb Kala Pattar, a 5545m mountain (or more like a hill when compared to the other peaks nearby) overlooking the major peaks in the Khumbu region of Nepal.  It was an awesome trip that we would recommend everyone should do once in their lifetime.

You can check out the photos we have posted on Flickr and also the route we took that we recorded on a GPS and have rendered it on Google Earth.  Enjoy!